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#70. PRORID contract info: Organic coconut flour

Organic coconut flour
ID: 70
Coconut flour is the new baker’s delight. This wonderful substitute for wheat flour is fast finding its way into every household as a springboard for creating exciting new healthy recipes. Experience delightfully exotic breads, delicious baked treats like cookies, cakes and brownies, and much more.

Coconut flour is the solution you have been looking for – whether it’s to be gluten-free, or for a low-glycaemic index diet (releasing sugar slowly over the course of the day helps keep blood sugar levels in check to give you a sustained energy release). It combines the mild natural sweetness of coconut with the highest fiber content of any other flour alternative, having at least 35% more fiber than even wheat bran.

Organic coconut flour, raw material, EU-Bio and Fairtrade certified.
Supplier: Adamjee Lukmanjee Exports (Pvt) Ltd., 140/5, Grandpass Road, 14 Colombo, Sri Lanka /


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Adamjee Lukmanjee & Sons
00 94 11 244 54 21
Short Description
With over a century of experience, Adamjees as we are more popularly known, have become renowned in our core business as a pioneer manufacturer and exporter of Coconut products and Spices. We are proud of our heritage as a prominent Company in Sri Lanka, and have consistently maintained our position as one of the largest exporters of combined Coconut Kernel products.
Our Office and Warehouse Complex, are strategically located in Colombo - the commercial hub of Sri Lanka, and within a 2km radius to the main port. With an infrastructure capacity exceeding 100,000 Sq Ft the company is fully equipped to Manage its the Export, Import and Processing operations.
Being in the business of food commodities, we believe that the application of strict quality control measures is critical to any consumer. Adamjees has an unparalleled reputation for being a reliable shipper with an emphasis on quality goods, and maintains a fully equipped, modern, in-house laboratory to ensure 100% quality assurance.
Sri Lanka
Adamjee Lukmanjee & Sons (Pvt) Limited, 140/5, Grandpass Road, Colombo 00140 ,Sri lanka
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Adamjee Lukmanjee & Sons
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Adamjee Lukmanjee & Sons (Pvt) Limited
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