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List of Verificators

AddressStart of license validity periodEnd of license validity periodAmount of confirmations
1FOODCOIN ECOSYSTEM0x38482d1d...6a5328.08.2018 00:35:0428.12.2018 17:15:047
2FOODCOIN ECOSYSTEM0x9d0153b1...780928.06.2018 17:15:0428.12.2018 17:15:0445
3Baker Company0xf18bd541...23b510.10.2019 20:00:0011.12.2018 19:17:1717
4Chrisjen Avasarala0x40c5855e...65e210.10.2018 20:00:0011.12.2018 19:17:176
5FOODCOIN TEST0x36fee2ce...85c910.10.2019 20:00:0011.12.2018 19:17:173
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